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When you discover Carmarthenshire on foot, you don’t just get to see the county, you get to know the county. Walking allows you to connect more – with nature, with the locals, with your fellow walkers and with the story of Carmarthenshire. Walking gives you the time to take it all in; time to explore, taste, touch, meet and chat. It’s the little things that make the difference, the things that you miss if you are in a coach or car.

You also get to appreciate the changing seasons, the same walk can feel very different in spring summer autumn and winter. Because Carmarthenshire is such a diverse county, it’s no surprise that the walks on offer are so different too. Each day and each route can be so different, coastal and rural, gentle and challenging, through history and nature.

By day you can get your boots dirty, and in the evenings you can relax and put your feet up. You’ll find places to stay that range from the cosy to the grand. After a long walk that local ale, the homemade pie or fine fayre, tastes so much better.

The map above showcases Carmarthenshire's promoted walks managed by Carmarthenshire County Council's Countryside team.

Use the filters below to choose the walk that is right for you.

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