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Pledge Form

Your pledge to help with Climate change will make a difference.

Did you know...…

> Between 1900 and 2009, the average surface temperature of the Earth rose by 0.7 degrees Celsius. (1.3 degrees Fahrenheit)

> 90% of scientists agree that this current change in our climate is caused by humans.

 >The hottest temperatures over the last 100 years happened after the year 2000 (with the exception of 1998).

Climate change is different from seasonal weather changes, like winter or summer or the Rainy Season. Shifts in the climate, results to a long-term change in the weather in a region, lasting for decades or even millennia. Weather changes in a certain place is normal and localized – but the climate of that area should be the same. There shouldn’t be snow in the tropical countries, and in Alaska, it will be weird if you suddenly find tropical weather.

Why should we care about Climate Change?

When the climate changes, life as we know it will be entirely different. Here are some of the possible effects of Global Warming.

> As the ice in the polar caps and glaciers melt, it will cause a rise in the sea levels. Since most of our major cities are in the coastal areas, the flooding will affect millions of people.

> Weather will also become more extreme as the planet heats up. There will be stronger storms, drought and colder winters.

> Changes in the weather will affect our health since our bodies have adapted to the weather we know.

> Ecosystems will be affected and the lives of many species will be jeopardized. Penguins and Polar Bears will die if the ice melts since they cannot live anywhere else. Plants and animals in tropical regions will perish if their region suddenly becomes too cold.

What can you do?

We can try to reduce our Carbon Footprint in our own small ways.

> If you can walk to a destination or commute, don’t use the car.

> Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Try not to send too much waste to our landfills.

> Buy only products that can be recycled.

Buy from companies and manufacturers who value the environment.

Your Pledge