Legendary trails

Tombstone trail

There are many legendary trails to embark on in Carmarthenshire. Why not discover the resting places of legendary figures on our tombstone trail a songwriter, a king slayer and even a wailing wizard have all found final resting places within Carmarthenshire’s borders.

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King Arthur trail

For a trail set in legend explore the history of King Arthur on the Arthur trail on which you can adventure to Merlin’s hill where Arthur’s wizard Merlin is said to be trapped. 

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Legendary food and drink

Looking for legendary food and drink? How does Carmarthen Ham, Etta’s Royal Cake, Caws Cenarth and Cowpots Ice Cream sound? And that’s just to name a few. Embark on the Cawl Crawl or Cake Trail and make food the focus as you explore this legendary county.

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Legendary Castles

If its castles you are looking for you’re in the right place, Carmarthenshire will leave you spoilt for choice. From partial ruins to well preserved castles each one played its part in the history of Carmarthenshire. Explore.

Legendary Walks

Walk the way of the legends in Carmarthenshire......  Amongst landscape that’s alive with stories.